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Downtown Pathways Project

The Downtown Pathways Project is the next big improvement project being planned for Downtown Bluffton, Indiana.  The goal is to improve 5 key alleyways in downtown from forgotten downtown spaces to actively used pedestrian-friendly spaces! These alleyways are key connections between our public parking lots and the Market Street corridor. This project is broken into 2 phases with alleyways 1, 2, and 4 being in phase 1 and alleyways 3 and 5 being in phase 2.  Click the link below to get the most up-to-date information about this project and how you can participate in making this project a great next step for outdoor space in our community.

(click here to learn more about the Downtown Pathways Project)


Who We Are

Bluffton NOW! (New, Old & Wonderful) is dedicated to revitalizing downtown Bluffton into a place where people can enjoy our community's history and make new memories! 

We are an energetic group of local concerned citizens, downtown business owners, and building owners who are completely focused on helping downtown become the true heart of our community.  We want downtown Bluffton to be something that the citizens of our community can be proud of.  We also want people that visit our community to be able to say that Bluffton, Indiana is a great place to come to.  Let's make this happen by coming together as a community and lifting up our downtown.

(click here to learn more about the organization)

How Can I Find Out What is Going on Downtown

Bluffton NOW! actively updates our website along with our Facebook page with announcements and activities downtown. You can message us on Facebook or email us at


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