Downtown Pathways Project

The Downtown Pathways Project is the next big improvement project being planned
for downtown Bluffton, Indiana.  The goal is to improve 5 key alleyways in downtown from forgotten downtown spaces to actively used pedestrian-friendly spaces!  These alleyways are key connections between our public parking lots and the Market Street corridor.  Check out this page to get the most up-to-date information about this project and how you can participate in making this project a great next step for outdoor space in our community.

Downtown Pathways Project - Site Assessment

Here is the link to the Downtown Pathways Project - Site Assessment Completed by Engineering Resources.

What Is Next After The Public Meeting?

Bluffton NOW! first wants to thank each person who took the time to share their thoughts on the Downtown Pathways Project.  The design team, Engineering Resources, has completed a site assessment to verify that we are aware of all existing conditions in the 5 alleyways.  We are also hiring a surveyor to get detailed topographic and existing condition information for each alleyway.  The next step with the conceptual design of the Downtown Pathways Project is for the Bluffton NOW! board to assign the general idea for each alleyway.  Once that has been completed and the topographic survey information is received our design team will start to put a concept plan together for each alleyway.  During this time we are actively fundraising for this project so that we can keep on schedule for this project to occur in 2022-2023.  More information about the fundraising effort will become available soon.  We are anxiously awaiting the concept plans to become available so we can share them with you for your feedback.  

What Alleyways Are Being Considered?

Downtown Pathways Project Map.jpg

Project Budget

The preliminary budget for the Downtown Pathways Project is $915,000.  This number is subject to change once the project has gone completely through the design phase.  

How Can You Help?

There are three main ways you can help make this project a reality.
1. Share the project information with your friends, family, employer, and anyone else that you may know that would be interested in this project.
2. Consider being a donor for this project.  Donations for this project will be tax-deductible.  We will be announcing donation details here soon.
3.  Continue to support our existing downtown businesses and activities.