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2023 Program

Bluffton NOW! is excited to announce the 6 approved applicants of the Community Reinvestment Grant Program funds for 2023. 

1. Midland LLC - 211 W Market St - (New front windows, doors, and roof)

2. Market Street Development LLC- 114 S Johnson St - (New Front Windows and Doors)

3. Jerald Flack - 101 N Main St - (New Upstairs Windows)

4. Halmark Venture LLC - 209 W Market St - (Exterior Facade Improvements)

5. Christopher & Georgeanna Corle - 125 N Main St - (New Roof and Upstairs Remodel)

6. Foundations of Truth, Inc - 113 W Market St - (New Front Windows)

The Community Re-Investment Program (CRP) is available for property owners, merchants, or contract holders to assist in rebuilding, repairing, renovating or improving the exterior façade, structural and mechanical components, and interior elements of buildings located in the city center in an attempt to provide safer, more attractive and more usable buildings and infrastructure in Bluffton's city-center.


2023 CRP Year

$100,000 Available

Applications Due by 4:00 PM

Monday, March 13, 2023

Drop off completed applications to a Bluffton NOW Board Member or to the Wells County Chamber of Commerce Office


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