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Does It Make Financial Sense To Revitalize Downtown For Bluffton?

We all want to see our downtown come back to life.  We can all talk about why revitalizing our downtown makes sense.  Bluffton NOW! wants to take this conversation one step further and show the financial reasons for downtown revitalization.  The simple answer is YES it makes financial sense to revitalize downtown for the City of Bluffton.  Let us show you how we came to this conclusion.​


The Value of Downtown Bluffton

Downtown is some of the most valuable property in town. We studied the commercial properties within our project area to see how assessed value and property taxes have fluctuated over the last decade. 

The Value of our Downtown a Financial Review


Jobs in Downtown

Downtown already is the location for hundreds of quality jobs, but with all of its vacant spaces, the job creation opportunity is limitless.  The goal of revitalization is to help create opportunities for people to make a quality living doing what they love in downtown.  More quality jobs mean that our citizens would have more money to spend creating a cyclical growth opportunity for our local downtown businesses.


Value of Housing in Downtown

Housing in downtown is an opportunity to create quality living spaces for our local workforce.  The more quality housing we can create will open the door for more employees for our local employers. People that live in downtown are more likely to spend money in downtown and use its services.  It would help improve the amount of income tax that is coming into our community versus sending it to neighboring communities from our local jobs.    

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